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Supplier to Wholesale Plumbing and Home Service providers all across the USA

We provide a variety of top-quality, strong margin, Leak Detection, Flood Prevention and Automated Gas Alarm Products for residential and commercial property owners.

We specialize in providing high-tech and scalable flood prevention and Gas Alarm solutions that utilize various communication tools.

We are committed to providing reliable products with strong product margins, responsive customer support to our Plumbing Professionals.

Our products are reserved explicitly for the Plumbing and Air Conditioning Supply marketplace or directly to Home Service Contractors where we have no local supplier. We do not sell our products online or on Amazon. These products are best suited to the residential and light commercial market, the service provider can be confident that they can close more sales in prompt fashion.

Our key products include Leak Informer, a Wi-fi enabled smart flood prevention device that offers easy set-up, App control and instant leak event notification to the homeowner's phone. 

Any number of sensors may be included for whole home protection. 

Leaks in homes can often be silent and can cost homeowners hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs or in insurance claims.

Stainless Steel (1/2", 3/4", and 1") shut-off valves provide excellent performance and a long life. 

This makes it ideal for use in single-family homes, multi-unit residences, or commercial buildings. 

The standard 3/4" valve package includes two wireless Wi-fi sensors that run on 2 AAA batteries. (Included)

Leak Informer has easy on/off capabilities via the Smart Life app or with manual operation.

Leak Informer requires no Gateway device to operate and pairs quickly with the homes Wi-fi.

Any number of Wi-fi sensors can be paired to the valve and placed throughout the home.

Leak Informer includes a 3-year warranty.

A low battery chirp and phone notification will ensure the homeowner has timely battery life awareness.

We also offer Leak Alarm, a highly reliable and affordable easy-to-use point-of-use flood prevention tool that is ideal for use in preventing flood situations from washing machines, water heaters, and other appliances in the home.

Leak Alarm is easy to install and can be fitted with multiple sensors, making it a convenient solution for homeowners especially for those with Attic installed Water Heaters. Leak Alarm is powered by a 5V power cube with up to a 25 feet cable reach for attic or basement installations and also by a back up of 4xAA batteries (included)

In the event of a leak the device emits a loud alarm sound, and the valve immediately shuts off the water, thus preventing costly water damage. There is no phone communication with this product. Leak Alarm has a 2 Year Warranty.

In addition to these products, we offer Leak Gopher, a high-end flood prevention system that utilizes Z-Wave technology to detect leaks and prevent flooding in a home or business. The devices and the wireless sensors communicate with a Z-Wave Smart Home Hub to alert you to any leaks or water damage.

Leak Gopher is designed for use in basements, laundry rooms, mechanical rooms or other high-risk areas where water damage is most likely to occur. With its advanced technology and reliable performance, Leak Gopher is an essential tool for any homeowner looking to protect their home from water damage. Z-Wave technology includes a variety of special features that can be utilized to allow Leak Gopher to provide solutions to the most challenging installation or equipment monitoring situations.

Leak Gopher also provides Z-Wave enabled Water Meter Readers that can report water usage on a regular schedule.

Any Z-Wave Smart Home Hub App that is paired with Leak Gopher can send instant notifications of leak events. 

Z-Wave Hubs need to be hardwired to a computer in order to perform all the functions of the hardware (valve and sensors) and software (Phone Notification and App Control).

Leak Gopher Includes a Ten (10) year warranty on all equipment with the exception of the Hubs as they are not Leak Gopher Products.

Leak Gopher is available online through a number of sources at retail pricing; however, our supplier wholesale pricing is far more favorable.

The Titan Z-Wave Actuator is also available online at retail pricing; however again; the package we have available including Sensors and the Z-box hub is unique to us and is again priced favorably for Suppliers.

The COACH4 Gas Alarm provides the ability to monitor and detect combustible gases and Carbon Monoxide emissions and provides a digital display of the PPM levels. It will sound an Alarm and shut off the gas supply before gas levels become critical.

It will sound the Alarm immediately at <5% LEL and shut off the gas supply.

The Home Safe Wifi Gas detector is ideal for kitchen, basement, or attic locations where gas appliances may be located. It monitors natural gas, biogas, and methane, and provides a loud alarm, a digital display, a voice alarm, it can also communicate with the WI-FI valve actuator to shut off the gas supply if needed, and will notify the property owner through an alert on their smart phone via the Smart Life APP.

Customers have a variety of needs and budgets and that is why we have a varied selection of products to satisfy their needs. Our products are an investment that will save homeowners money and aggravation in the long run.

We encourage Home Service Suppliers and professionals to view all our products and choose the one's that are best for their customers. Our products are highly reliable, offer warranties, and have integrated apps that send notifications to the owner right away. 

Each of our products can be a great Profit Center for your business.

Our knowledgeable team is always available to help you find the right product for your needs and answer any questions you may have. Help your customers protect their properties from costly Gas and Water Leaks.

Call us today at 888 742-0209 or (629) 285-8443 to learn more about our products and services. We service the entire USA. 


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