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Leak Informer is a Wi-Fi enabled smart flood prevention solution that provides reliable leak detection, flood prevention and water management for single-family homes, multi-unit residences, and commercial buildings. 

The high-tech valve with built-in Wi-Fi technology and made of durable stainless steel is available in sizes ranging from 1/2", 3/4", and 1'. The valve is powered by a 5V USB power cube and includes a residual power circuit if power goes down. Each package comes with two wireless sensors that run on 2 x AAA batteries (Included) and also includes a 7-foot roll of sensor tape which can be attached to the sensors to enable extended reach censoring. Any number of additional sensors can be added and paired to the valve for full home coverage. 

The status of the valve can be controlled from the Smart LIfe App allowing the user to manage when water is on or off.

The sensors send leak notifications to your phone (text and email notifications may be added at a minimal cost) and a low battery message and audible chirp ensures the user of sensor low battery awareness.

Leak Informer also provides the Wi-Fi Brute Actuator which installs onto the homes manual ball valve and can be activated by the same Leak Informer Wi-Fi sensors to turn off the water when they detect a leak.

(See Brute picture in photo bar above)


The Brute actuator is an easy homeowner installation and provides all the same notification and status features through the Smart life App.

Leak Informer products require No Gateway Device, they pair directly and quickly with the home Wi-Fi.

Each standard package includes 1 valve (3/4" most common), or Brute Actuator and 2 wireless sensors.

Leak Informer includes a 3-year warranty.

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