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Leak Alarm

Leak Alarm is an easy-to-use point-of-use flood prevention tool. It is designed to alert you when there is a leak or overflow from washing machines, water heaters, and other appliances in your home.

 The product is easy to install, requires no extra wiring, and is powered by a 12V power cube with up to 25 feet of cable for attic or basement installation and 4 x AA backup Batteries. 

The battery backup serves as an emergency back up should there be a loss of power service. Batteries are included with the device. 

The high sensitivity leak alarm emits an alarm sound to alert you to the potential flooding in the home.

Each device includes 2 sensor cables of 18 feet long so the device has ample reach from the power source to the valve and controller and on to the sensor.

The valve closes rapidly when a leak signal has been received, ensuring the prevention of costly water damage.

When the leak alarm is acknowledged, simply hit the reset button to quell the alarm and then repair and open the valve again.

Each device includes a 2 year warranty on all parts. 

Get yours and start saving today. 

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